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Dimland Radio 6-24-17

A clarification on my position on the 2nd Amendment. The dashcam video of the Castille/Yanez tragedy and how to handle a traffic stop by the police when you are legally carrying a firearm. Is the word "swindler" anti-Semitic? Is nominal sizing of lumber deceptive? A Pedantic Moment about the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. And my thoughts about the celebration of primitive art. (Hint: I don't like it.)

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Dimland Radio 6-17-17

An opportunity to help a neighbor. Did I take it? Some pretty heavy stuff: GOP Congress members victims of mass shooting, Philando Castille's killer (a police officer) acquitted, and the Grenfell Tower inferno. Pedantic Moment: That's not John Lennon. Photoshop lies and Whoopi Goldberg. Those aren't Captain Picard's hands!

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Dimland Radio 6-10-17

My son graduates middle school. A rare example of portrait formatted video working. Charles Barkley interviews Alt-Right founder Richard Spencer. Spencer has some pretty bad ideas. Please let him be a Poe. Another reason to keep cats indoors. The power to edit. A car accident. And the craziness of Rod Hull and Emu.

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Some talk about the movies 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' and 'Prime Cut.'  A Dimland Radio ARGH! (It's a rant about portrait formatted video. Again, I know. Sorry.) A bear standing and walking upright. Why I'm done listening to the Adam Carolla Podcast.

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Dimland Radio 6-3-17

The search for licorice ice cream. A Pedantc Moment: You need to be more clear about your specififity, pal! Slut shaming Melania Trump? Kathy Griffin, free speech, a fake severed head, and Pres. Trump. And covfefe!

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