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Dimland Radio 10-27-18

Two potential distractions to this week's show, some talk about the MAGAbomber and anomaly hunting, It's Not True: Picture of crowds at Texas Trump rally, a couple phone scams to be wary of, a mind-reading trick that fooled me, and Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 10-20-18

An explanation as to why there was no show for so long, spoiling 'Joe Pera Reads You The Church Announcements,' a Pedantic Moment related to Joe Pera, a tale of DEA agents and a co-worker's misremembering, It's Not True: The "Indian" on the Tootsie Pop wrapper myth, and Three Cool Things.

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A cold open tale on my love of autumn and 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!,' talk about needing and getting a new roof, my first encounter with the MN Skeptics, red-headed sperm no longer wanted?, remembering REM, and recommending 'Shaun Of The Dead.'

The show notes are here.

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