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Dimland Radio 8-24-19

A revisit to last week's ARGH!, vet those memes, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Probably OK, weird looking photograph's and your lying eyes, a movie recommendation, Roundup does not cause cancer, and why skeptics shouldn't stop with the skepticism.

The show notes are here:

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Dimland Radio 8-17-19

The show starts with an extended Dimland Radio ARGH!, some Mothman talk, more about the presidents cluelessness and how one supporter doesn't get it, CBD oil may (or may not) do some stuff, and Welcome To The Basement.

The show notes for this week's Dimland Radio are up at

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Dimland Radio 8-10-19

There's talk about the latest gathering of the MN Skeptics and how public television will make us famous, I raised a ruckus on Facebook by sharing an editorial cartoon about Pres. Trump, there was some MN Twins talk, A Pedantic Moment about David Letterman and his Great Moments in Presidential Speeches bit, and Three Cool Things.

The show notes are at

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This is show 236. On it there is talk about something I said, my sister done good, my missed opportunity to sue Popeye's restaurant, some baseball, the tragic life of lousy Pres. Pierce, New Horizons and Pluto, and ABC's atheist straw man.

The show notes are at:

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