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Dimland Radio 12-19-20

Licorice ice cream, a new little buddy, Chris Christie gets it, the Covid vaccine is getting out there in America, the origins of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, stop saying "penultimate" and "I mean", and two Holiday readings from the Warehouse Find blog.
Here are the show notes for this week's Dimland Radio:

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Dimland Radio 12-12-20

Fearless Loser keeps losing, a great tweet about Star Wars fans, half speed audio, video of Aericibo's collapse, stop sharing the stupid, Covid vaccine in the UK, and my time travel fantasy.

Here are the show notes:

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Dimland Radio 12-5-20

The Dimland War on Christmas, Covid anxiety dreams, how my flying dreams are the way they are, sportsballers lose a piece of ironic dismissal, The Detective and balling, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Hunt for Red October joke makes no sense, Dimland Radio Science Heroes: Three former presidents and vaccines, And the SGU are wrong about the Star Wars sequels.

The show notes for this week's show are up at

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