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Dimland Radio 7-24-21

Brazen catalytic converter theft attempt, more Covid talk, Candace Owens missed it by that much, bullshit weight loss pill advertised on my bubble-popping game app, and an adjusted meme in praise of Scooby Doo.

Here are the show notes for this week's Dimland Radio:

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Dimland Radio 7-17-21

A little Principle of Charity, some Lauren Boebert is a dumbass, Covid is a preventable disease now, and the Hated Yankees' brush with Covid.

The show notes for this week's Dimland Radio are up at

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Dimland Radio 7-10-21

This old man can still run, no fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, a quick Tale for the Janitor's Closet, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Schoolhouse Rock's typo, Puns and Pedantry, Cuddle Clones, and a Cool Thing.

The show notes are here:

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