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Dimland Radio 1-29-22

The great comic book avalanche, early Marvel Comics were written for kids, the new controversy surrounding Maus, Of Mice And Men and seventh graders, Neil Young vs Joe Rogan and Spotify, and the NFL playoffs and sportsballers.

The show notes are at:

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Dimland Radio 1-22-22

No mask and a bad day, QI pedantry revisited, stupid coup attempters are stupid, CBD and toxin-leaching foot pads are snake oil, and Big Audio Dynamite's skeptical lyrics.

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Dimland Radio 1-15-22

Package delivery mystery, fun socks, the "true" story of the deleted scenes from the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot film, Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro are strange bedfellows, and Google Earth and pareidolia.

Here are the show notes for this week's Dimland Radio:

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Dimland Radio 1-8-22

Happy New Year! Christmas with the vaccinated Fitzsimons Clan, a quiet Christmas Eve with Breaking Bad, Omicron, some observations about Breaking Bad, Pres, Biden delivers a damn good speech, Fox News clutches their pearls, and Dry Cleaning's cool song Scratchcard Lanyard.

The show notes for the first Dimland Radio of 2022 are at

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