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Dimland Radio 1-22-22

No mask and a bad day, QI pedantry revisited, stupid coup attempters are stupid, CBD and toxin-leaching foot pads are snake oil, and Big Audio Dynamite's skeptical lyrics.

The show notes for this week's Dimland Radio are up at

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Dimland Radio 1-15-22

Package delivery mystery, fun socks, the "true" story of the deleted scenes from the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot film, Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro are strange bedfellows, and Google Earth and pareidolia.

Here are the show notes for this week's Dimland Radio:

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Dimland Radio 1-8-22

Happy New Year! Christmas with the vaccinated Fitzsimons Clan, a quiet Christmas Eve with Breaking Bad, Omicron, some observations about Breaking Bad, Pres, Biden delivers a damn good speech, Fox News clutches their pearls, and Dry Cleaning's cool song Scratchcard Lanyard.

The show notes for the first Dimland Radio of 2022 are at

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