Alex lied under oath, MTG wants to Defund the FBI, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment, like it or not electric cars are coming, and The Way West.

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Poor Alex Jones, did Kamala really say that?, ask as a noun, COVID and that wet market, two Beatles and Paul McCartney recommendations, and a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment.

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Back in the basement, lots of comic book clutter, the All-Star Game and too much access, and the MVP goes to... not Buxton.

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I was wrong about something, Ewan McGregor and stuff, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: How Is John Wayne Dressed, fun with a Gieco ad, NASA will be looking into UFO/UAPs, I was called a groomer, and that picture by the James Webb Telescope.

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Losing my mother, there was no miracle in the Buffalo mass shooting, what might be a miracle, and Tenacious D pay tribute to the world's greatest rock band.

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Update on Mom, more guns, "Lock him up", and a neat painting.

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Warning! There are 30 seconds of dead air as the show returns from the second break. Don't panic!

I find ASMR annoying, Beatrice Straight, our kitty is gone, Mom is having problems, and we got a dog.

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A little story about Bill Finger creating Batman, some thoughts about Neal Adams, the 2022 Oscar's best moment, and A Cool Thing: A local news station finds a hidden gem in their film archives (Hint: It's Prince!)

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Flying solo, 5,000 steps, drummers Sina and Keith Moon, two Dimland Radio ARGHs about The Masked Singer and baseball coverage on ESPN, and something else.
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A long Tale From The Janitor's Closet, we got COVID, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Typesetting SNAFU, and The Slap.

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