Some talk about an ad for Peptiva, probiotics, integrative medicine, a failed blackmail attempt against me, a Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment about a couple Geico ads, and Three Cool Things.

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A couple corrections, a co-worker's non jury duty, a Fourth of July tradition, Trump's gaff about airports and an ironic posting by one of his supporters, Cool Thing #1: MN Twins' home run record, wearing Dodger blue, ugly orange and black Subarus, Cool Thing #2: One particular security measure put into the US $100 bill, and a couple moments of bullshit spotted during the Placerville trip.

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An entire show dedicated to tales of my trip to California. For best results, listen while looking at the pics on the show notes page.

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A quick neighborhood update, going to California, the 1940 Western - Virginia City - and its treatment of Confederate rebels and horses, the Valsalva Maneuver, YouTube documentary of Amazing Johnathan and a justification for believing in magic, a Dimland Radio Science Zero: The WHO, and a Creepy/Cool thing.

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A Dimland Radio ARGH!, Cool Thing #1: An AC unit, new slower traffic keep right law in Minnesota, Cool Thing #2: Keith Moon article in the New Yorker, declawing cats or letting them outside?, Cool Thing #3: A photograph of Addams Family living room set, and D-Day and a conspiracy theorist.

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The big scrub job plus a mugging and a deer, the MN Twins might be for real, Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: There IS crying in baseball, the Ark Encounter story really is ironic, in defense of Snopes, and Three Cool Things.

The show is a download only exclusive. I was unable to post it to Z Talk Radio for Saturday night playback due to work. There's talk about the Ark Encounter and irony, the red hot MN Twins, an exchange on Facebook over sharing fake news, an underwhelming ghost hunting story, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a strong non-recommendation of a madcap comdey classic, and Three Cool Things.

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Noisy neighbor, two paranormalists have died, correcting the internet...again, Pat Robertson did not become Pro-Choice, a deeper dive into Care/Of's vitamin service, and One Creepy Thing.

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I stopped being cool with my flip phone, Cool Thing #1: The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, a Pedantic Moment: 6 seconds of Criminal Minds, Cool Thing #2: Basking sharks, Dimland Radio Science Heroes & Zeroes, and Cool Thing #3: Star Wars scene 38 reimagined.

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A recent visit to the doctor's office, a shingles vaccine, how the anti-vaxxers gained a new appreciation for The Brady Bunch, some observations on The Breakfast Club, and One Cool Thing (it's after the show close, sort of a bonus track)

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