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Dimland Radio 12-30-17

There's a fellow in Canada complaining about what the snow plow leaves behind: Legitimate complainer or lazy ass? Another reason I don't care for musicals. Some spoilerish talk about Mad Men. Blob video of UFO and government program investigating aerial anomalies. Seven not really banned words and the CDC. Pedantic Moments dealing with Indiana Jones and Brundlefly. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 12-16-17

Some talk about vaudeville and "slowly I turn," a recommendation to watch the film The Senator Was Indscreet, there's some homeopathy talk, the Left is slut-shaming?, a Pedantic Moment related to Mad Men, and three cool things (one's about baseball).

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Dimland Radio 12-9-17

Starts with some entertainment talk, moves on to talk about Netflix dicumentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, then an admittedly somewhat lame Pedantic Moment, then an It's Not True about the Amish not vaccinating and not getting autism, there's yeti DNA and what it turns out to be, Norman Rockwell's The Jury Room and mansplaining, and Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 12-2-17

An update on flat-earther and daredevil Mad Mike Huges, another Dimland Radio Science Zero, a Pedantic Moment brought on by a headline, a Dimland Radio ARGH! caused by an anti-vax meme, trying to make sense of the current rash of sexual harassment accusations, and the artist versus the art.

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