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Dimland Radio 1-27-18

Just a little talk about the MN Vikings and the end of their season. Some weather. The "healing" center offers what? Dimland Radio Science Heroes: Mr Show with Bob & David. All time favorite movies. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 1-20-18

I start the show by correcting an error. Then it's on to a lot of sports talk. It includes the Minneapolis Miracle, my eternal pessimism about the MN Vikings, and I talk direct to those who are dismissive of other people's enjoyment of sports. There's a brief talk about the latest Star Wars episode and a Pedantic Moment about a certain light saber duel move that always left me puzzled. Finally, there's only one cool thing for this week. What else would it be?

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Dimland Radio 1-13-18

On this week's show: Participating in trivia game about The Who. Is Roseanne Barr being sneaky? Pedantic Moment - The Shawshank Redemption (spoilers!). Dimland Radio Science Zero: Charlie Daniels. Dimland Radio Science Heroes: David Mitchell & Robert Webb. A clever expnded ending to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. My irrational thoughts about the MN Vikings. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 1-6-18

My traditional New Year's resolution. Why should there be guilty pleasures? ABBA isn't an album band. Peppermint Lump! Conspiracy theory response not sent. Oregon's new gas pumping policy and my being a little slow. And Three Cool Things!

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