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This bonus show pulled from the archives was originally dropped 10-1-2016 and it  features talk about The Who and The Rolling Stones, The Who and  Garth Brooks, The Who and smashing guitars, the WHO and measles, and baseball.

Show notes are at

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Dimland Radio 2-17-18

Wrong about the puprling of Minneapolis. Wrong about joking about women's attractiveness. Women's role in the Temperance Movement. Some PETA talk. Recommending Logan's Run with a Pedantic Moment about gratuitous nudity. And Three Cool Things.

Show notes are at -

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Dimland Radio 2-10-18

Some Superbowl talk and my reaction to the halftime show. Droopy drawers! A comparison of reactions to the Wardrobe Malfunction and Pres. Trump saying "sh#thole." Two Pedantic Moments. A movie recommendation and Three Cool Things.

Show notes:

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Dimland Radio 2-3-18

Some self-indulgent talk about my art school days, a bad teacher, desktop doodles, Otto Dix, and context informing content. There's a Dimland Radio ARGH! Someone on Facebook has listed ten things he "knows" are true. There's a movie recommendation - this time it's a musical! And Three Clue Things.

The show notes can be found here: 

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