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Dimland Radio 3-31-18

Mom update. April Fools and Easter and The Ten Commandments. History's Greatest Hoaxes and a Pedantic Moment about Bic Cristal pens. Some clients - I tell ya. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 3-24-18

Mom had surgery and recovery is slow. A 44 year old Pedantic Moment about Match Game '74 and Long John Silver. It's Not True #1: Something Michelle Obama didn't say, but racists heard. It's Not True #2: British singers with American accents when singing. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 3-17-18

The show is eight years old? Ancient giant trees? Good guys (not cops) with guns stopped a bad guy with gun? Perfect? Blade Runner: 2049? "Do you mind" questions should be answered how? A Pedantic Moment that begs the question? And Three Cool Things, of course.

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Dimland Radio 3-10-18

Some talk about homework and weather. I'm not sure how all the ways a director controls the finished film. A Pedantic Moment about Coke Zero™. Some talk about how editing can save a film, with particular attention to the original Star Wars. A Dimland Science Zero: PUR water filter system ad. A Dimland Science Hero: Dr. Jason Westin. A movie recommendation: The Way Back (2010). And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 3-3-18

On this show we have a Pedantic Moment about changed lyrics to insult the President, a tale of a Short Change Scam, a coincidence involving a theme song from a classic (but horrible) sci-fi TV show, an It's Not True involving a conspiracy theory on why Kentucky Fired Chicken became KFC, a little talk about crisis actors, and Three Cool Things.

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