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Dimland Radio 5-26-18

There's talk about the Streisand Effect, the NFL's policy on kneeling during the National Anthem, Kim Davis's new career (in my reality), a "perfect" Dimland Radio ARGH!, Alfred Russel Wallace and a flat-earther, Alex Jones is being sued by more people, and Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 5-19-18

What prayer was said in public schools? Which do I hear: Yanny or Laurel? The meme producing incident of a white woman reporting to police about black folks having a picnic. Pedantic Moment: RoundUp ad cartoon is just a demo. Movie recommendation: Mother! (2017). And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 5-12-18

An It's Not True that corrected a unfact I gave on last week's show. Stop putting your hand over your heart for 'God Bless America'. A Minnesota senator trying to get God back in public schools. A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Coming to take your guns and the movie 'Tombstone'. A clairvoyant's clients are being conned by someone other than her. And Three Cool Things.

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Dimland Radio 5-5-18

A touching tribute to my departed in-laws. Michelle Wolf said what? Rich Little played a revenge killer on Hawaii Five-O and a related Pedantic Moment. Trump didn't say that and someone thinks he should the Nobel Peace Prize. Three Cool Things. And comparing a song by Violent Femmes to one by The National.

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